Big Data Is The Holy Grail in Future-Proofing Your Digital Strategy

In the brave new world that is being realized in the digital space, consumers are leaving a data trail that is invaluable to organizations and advertisers. Organizations can use this proverbial mountain of data to acquire more customers, make existing ones more loyal, enhance customer experience, and ultimately, drive revenue. The reason so many apps and platforms are free or inexpensive is because organizations are learning that extracting value from data is the new digital currency.

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Creating a Digital Product Road Map

Digital products are intangible – most only live on someone’s computer – but the potential revenue stream they can create is very real. Digital products include e-books, which are downloadable digital versions of a printed book, online training courses, and as we all know, a growing selection of software and applications for mobile devices.

It’s true that digital products can be a lucrative and successful means to start a new business, particularly if you’re developing something that will fulfill a genuine need.  But, with all the digital products coming to market and with the digital environment constantly changing, how do you make yours stand out in the ever-expanding online universe?